Together We Can Achieve More


“Together, we can achieve more.” I have heard these words so many times but in the last two weeks, I’ve had the rare privilege of seeing the power beneath those words.

I saw the brilliance that can manifest when people come together to solve a pressing problem.

I saw the sheer weight of impact that can be achieved when people collaborate passionately for a cause.

I saw the ripple effect of a community standing up to protect those who are in need and are vulnerable.

As we deployed our intervention in the Ikota community and went back daily from Saturday 4th April, we saw that the dream we had in our mind was not just a mere thought. Yes, our goal is to feed the vulnerable and those in need during this shutdown but what we witnessed is more than that.

We saw the force of community at play; from our team members, from our volunteers, from our donors and sponsors, from Lagosians and from Nigerians far and wide. The force of community could not be ignored.

None of the things we achieved this week would have been possible without the support of Nigerians. From the person who gave their widow’s mite to those who donated large sums, we unveiled yet another layer of the power of generosity.

And that gives hope. Hope that allows us to keep pushing, to keep believing until the Nigeria we desire eventually manifests.

Perhaps one thing this shutdown will allow us to do is to reinforce the power in community and the need to take ownership for your community. It will no longer be business as usual. We must step out and be concerned about what happens to our neighbours. We must rally round to shield the less-privileged, to uplift the weak and cover the vulnerable. It’s our collective responsibility.

Together, we can do it.

Together, we can ensure that nobody goes hungry, nobody starves as a result of this shutdown.

We leave Ikota Community to the next one but we hope that the atmosphere of love, hope and joy that we brought into the community will rest upon it. We hope that atmosphere will spread across Lagos and permeate deep into the heart of every individual.

The era of ‘me, myself and I’ is over. COVID-19 changed that.

It’s time for WE. It’s time for US. It’s time for COMMUNITY.

Together, we can achieve more!


Author:  Adedoyin Jaiyesimi

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