What exactly does Project ARK do?

Project ARK responds to national/global emergencies and crises affecting underserved and vulnerable persons in the society - by providing such persons with basic relief materials such as food items, toiletries, clothing, etc.

Who does Project ARK reach?

Rural dwellers, Street urchins, Orphans, Aged persons, Displaced persons and pretty much everyday Nigerians who cannot afford to feed or keep safe in times of emergencies

How can I benefit?

Simply fill the beneficiary form.

How can I donate?

Click here to donate.

Is Project ARK an organisation?

Project ARK is an initiative of the Kingdom Community, a community on a mission to build, equip and deploy God’s Kingdom on earth.

How can I be part?

Volunteer your time, skills, and/or resources.
Spread the good news - follow us and share on social media.

How can I volunteer?

Fill the volunteer form and we’ll get back to you!